Sync Problem D2138162779

A lot of my stored files, pdf and snapshot, are not syncing to my laptop. I started using Zotero on my desktop a number of years ago and I used Webdav with Box. I stopped using Zotero for a long time and in the interim Box stopped supporting Webdav so now I am using Zotero to sync and host files. I have Zotero on my desktop (Windows 7), my laptop (Windows 8), and my work desktop (Windows 10). My desktop seems to be syncing OK. In my Zotero account, it looks like everything is there. On my laptop many of the files aren't syncing. When I click on them I get the "attached file could not be found..." dialog box. I did Reset File Sync History on my laptop, but it didn't fix the problem. The debug log is D2138162779. I'm wondering if it has something to do with switching over from Webdav to Zotero. With my laptop an desktop both using Zotero I have confirmed that I can sync a file from my laptop to by desktop and also from desktop to laptop, so it seems the problem is only with older files from when I was using Webdav. Can you please help?
  • In my Zotero account, it looks like everything is there.
    You need to actually try to open the files online. The attachment items will show up even if the items aren't present.

    I'd guess that they're not there and you need to do the Reset File Sync History on the desktop.
  • Reset File Sync History on the desktop solved the problem. Thanks!
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