Allow group members to add new documents, but not delete or move documents/collections

I am currently the owner of a Zotero group for a research project with two other coauthors. In using Zotero groups, I am concerned about my coauthors accidentally deleting a collection and then having that delete synced to the main server, and ultimately synced to my local Zotero, thus losing the collection. Is this a real concern? If so, how can I set up the Zotero group to avoid this problem.

I was thinking that to avoid this, I could prevent my coathors (who are designated as group members, not administrators) from deleting collections or individual documents, while still allowing them to add documents. But I cannot find any way to do this.

Any advice would be very appreciated.
  • I forgot to mention that I did read through the forum and noticed many other discussions about this. So I apologize for the duplication. I suppose I am interested in finding out if there is anything new related to this issue.
  • Nothing new, but as you saw, it's a fairly common request.
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