words "link to external site" appears in author list of citation

Has anyone encountered a citation error like this? I have tried to correct it in the zotero library, and even tried a manual entry into the library, and refreshed the references section, but the line stilll appears in the citation.

Perlman, D., Link to external site, this link will open in a new window, Taylor, E., Molloy, L., Brighton, R., Patterson, C., & Moxham, L. (2018). A path analysis of self-determination and resiliency for consumers living with mental illness. Community Mental Health Journal; New York, 54(8), 1239–1244.
  • It’s likely that the citation in Word is disconnected from your Zotero library. In Word, Place the cursor in the citation that’s showing up erroneously and click Add/Edit Citation. Click on the blue bubble for the citation in the window that pops up. Do you see a button to “Show in My Library”? If not, then delete the citation and reinsert it from your library using the corrected item.
  • That worked very well. Thank you!
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