No sync between zotero and text folder


Long refused to "tech-up" and, until recently, I had all my annotations, pdfs etc. in a folder called "texts", all sorted alphabetically according to author. Very simple and fool proof.

Am now trying to sort all of these documents into my Zotero which generally works fine. However, I noted that the changes I make in documents in my "text" folder are not synced in the zotero version. I understand that there can be a risk of linking the wrong version of a document to zotero but many of the documents I have linked are a single copy. Still they don't sync.

Any ideas why this could be?

Very grateful for thoughts as I have more of less no software tweeking skills.

  • Addition: The folder with texts that I link to Zotero is itself a link from Dropbox. Maybe this complicates matters.
  • if you right-click on an attached file in Zotero and select "Show File", that will open the file Zotero looks at. Is that in your "Texts" folder or in a Zotero-specific directory?
  • The folder is called "2N7HV4LU" no idea what that is.

    When I attached the files, I dragged them from the "text" folder, meaning I assumed that they would come from there. Is that not the case, then?

    Thanks again!
  • Right, when you drag&drop files into Zotero, you copy them and Zotero stores them as attachments in its own storage folder. To link files, you can use the "Add link to file" menu or via drag&drop using modifier keys while dragging as described here:
  • Thanks a million!
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