Using a non-Zotero source in a footnote & stopping "Ibid" right after from Zotero.

Is there any way to restart so it doesn't put "Ibid" if interrupted by a non-Zotero source in a footnote? I've ran into this with two circumstances and don't know how other than de-linking Zotero and manually editing.

In one section, I am repeatedly citing the same source. However, once I cite somehting that source quotes so I wrote out that citation followed by "Quoted in" and let Zotero do "ibid..." Then the next quote says "Ibid," which it should not.

Another time I cite a standard reference work in the field that has a standard abrevaition so I typed it myself. However when I cited the same source as just before Zotero put an Ibid.

I'm sorry if this sounds like a newbie question, I'm just getting into big enough research that I feel I need to learn a manager like Zotero.
  • So you are saying that you have

    23 Zotero citation
    24 Something else you write
    25 ibid.

    I don't think that should be happening. ibid should only appear in directly consecutive footnotes. There's no manual override, though, I'm afraid.
  • Thanks adamsmith! The biggest difficulty was when I had the following (which wqas my first case above, which happened twice - case 2, which was more like what you explained,only happened once and it could have easily been a freak error of my own):

    23 Zotero Citation
    24 Something else entered manually... quoted in: "Ibid., 35" via Zotero
    25 "Ibid., 38" via Zotero

    If it's too complex, thinking abotu this over lunch, I realize I can fix it two ways. (1) Making a "junk quoted once" folder outside the folders that will become the bibliography & copy the "Something else entered manually" into that folder. (2) Just manually enter the "Ibid" in 24 (this would not be a good idea here as this is a first draft based on a primary source and I will be adding content from secondary sources into the main text as they are read, and part of using Zotero was to avoid having to check ibids constantly when using this method to compose the work).
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