Word can't connect with Zotero

Report ID: 2083714967

Zotero and word are starting normal and all normal tools are visible. However, when I try to edit a citation or library I get the error message "Microsoft Word could not communicate with Zotero. Please ensure that Zotero is open and try again". I've checked that the Add on for MAC is enabled, and all versions are fully updated. I've already used Zotero for a while with out any problem. Restarting Zotero, Word, the MAC did not fix the problem, neither did reinstalling Zotero. I also tried to reinstall the Word add-in under preferences > cite, but this did not fix the problem either.

Thank you for your support!
  • What Word version?
  • Hi,
    the Word version is 16.16.16 for MAC. I've however the feeling it is a very special problem related to me using a server dependent virtual operating system surface. If I use the administrator's local account, I can use Zotero normally. So I don't know, if this is an issue that can be fixed/helped with from your side.
  • server dependent virtual operating system surface
    I'm going to say that, yes, this is the problem.
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