Book recommendations


I love Zotero, but I'm looking for a way to store book recommendations (ideally within Zotero). At the moment I'm doing this with Zotero notes and Workflowy, but it's hacky and annnoying. What I'd really like is to store _people_ in Zotero, and then link them (like Related for books).

Basically, I want many-to-many links between people and books/articles, with space for notes about what they said, and metadata about when the recommendation was made. This is so I can search for "most recommended" books and also see a single person's recent recommendations.

Is there anything like this in Zotero? I've been searching this morning but not found anything obvious. Using Notes works for tracking what others have said about a single book, but it doesn't allow a way to find all the recommendations someone has given in date order.

I'm thinking of just dumping out the sqlite DB routinely, and maintaining my own SQL tables (one for books, one for people, and one for links). But maybe I could extend Zotero to do this somehow? Does anyone else want this feature?


  • I would store the actual books as items and add a note underneath the item describing the recommendation. You can add a tag to the note with the recommender’s name. That will let you click on the person’s name in the tab selector on the left side of the app to filter all of that person’s books and show their recommendation details.
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