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I am setting up a brand new computer and am attempting to add Zotero; however, the zotero add-in will not show up on Word. I followed the directions on the help page and it does not work for me. I tried to add it manually but the file is not the correct type for the new system. Is there a help line I can call to help me work through this problem?
  • This is where all support happens, there's no phone support.

    Start with some more details: What Word version, what operating system, what do you mean by "the file is not the correct type for the new system" (.dotm files work with all contemporary OS and Word versions, so that's likely some sort of misunderstanding)
  • I am running Windows 10 and Word 2019. I am attempting to manually add the zotero file from the Install window to the startup window in my word window but it seems to just freeze up.
  • Oh wait I got it to work! Thanks for your help!
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