Cannot create Bibliography

Dear all, I cannot create Bibliography for my Microsoft Doc on Mac. I used citation with IEEE style. I also used Word Processor, but when I clicked the button Add/Create Bibliography, nothing appeared. Please help me!
  • edited November 6, 2019
    Nothing appeared, or you received some sort of error message?

    Does it work in a new document, after you first insert a couple citations?

    Can you provide a Report ID?
  • Thanks for your reply, but I duplicated a new file with the same format and everything. My problem was that I had all of citations but I cannot create Bibliography. I tried to restart and reinstall Word Processor but there was none of changes.
  • That's not the question, though — it's whether you can use the Word plugin normally in a new document. If you create a new document, insert a couple citations with Add/Edit Citation, and then click Add/Edit Bibliography, do you get a bibliography?
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