Can't change authors names

Hi all, I'm using an author that has loads of publications. When I saved the references into zotero, some references had his two names, other the 1st name and only the initial of the second, others only the 1st name. (ej: Luis Rex, Luis, Luis R).
To make them the same and avoid confusions, I modified all the papers adding the two names (copy paste). However, when I cite them in word, Zotero identify the original name and cite them as if they were different authors. (ej: Luis R González, 2004; Luis Rex González, 1997, 1998, 2002a, 2002b). I have changed the names in zotero multiple times, but is still the same in word!
As if the programme doesn't recognise my changes. What can I do? It looks horrible and it's not clear at all in text!
Is not the first time that the changes I made in Zotero (typos or capital letters) are not reflected in the word (cites or bibliography).
Any help???
  • Did you click the plugin's Refresh button after making the changes?

    Zotero will use the names that are in the database. The one exception is that, if you inserted a citation and then deleted the associated item in Zotero, or you added the item in an unsynced Zotero library on another computer, it will continue to use metadata embedded in the document, since the items won't exist in your database. You can check whether that's the case by clicking on a citation, clicking Add/Edit Citation, clicking the blue bubble, and looking for an Open in My Library button at the bottom of the popup. If it doesn't appear, it's an embedded item, and you'll need to reinsert using the item in your library (rather than from the Cited section of the search results in the citation dialog).
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