Feature Suggestion: Indexing status in Attachments column

This is a minor feature request--something that could be useful, but isn't urgent.
Currently, the Attachments column in Zotero can be in one of three states: blank (no attachment), solid blue dot (attachment present), unfilled blue dot (attachment missing). There is another piece of attachment-related information that could be conveyed by this column, with no additional space needed: the attachment's indexing status.

My suggestion is to use the colour of the dot to indicate the status--for example, red for "not indexed," orange for "partially indexed," and the current blue (or green) for "fully indexed." For the attachment itself, when the item is expanded, this will be straightforward. For the item record, when there is more than one attachment, there will need to be a logic for summarizing the indexing status, for example red if any attachment is unindexed, orange if all attachments are partially or fully indexed, and blue if all attachments are fully indexed.

The presence or absence of the attachment could still be indicated by the filled/unfilled state of the dot.
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