ZoteroBib - Importing from library database

Hi, I looked around a bit and it seems like there is no way to import citations from a library database into ZoteroBib directly - like taking a list of sources saved in a database and scraping it all into zbib.

Is that the case? I just wanted to verify, if so.

(The students I work with don't really use the Zotero program, just the website.)

  • That's correct, yes. That'd be the type of thing where using Zotero would be required/necessary.
  • Thank you very much!
  • We haven't documented it yet, but ZoteroBib can take a URL with either a webpage that Zotero/ZoteroBib supports or a direct link to a supported metadata format:


    So if you're responsible for the library database, or can talk to the people who are, you could add buttons to save records to ZoteroBib.

    I think we currently only support the first record in a linked metadata file, though I'm not sure there's a good reason for that. If we supported multiple, it'd be possible to allow exporting multiple items via checkmark/library functionality.
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