Word and Zotero problems

I am attempting to add bibliographies to my word document. It tells me to insert a citation first, and then when I do, I try to replace it with a bibliography. I then try to add another bibliography and it says "Zotero experienced a difficulty updating your document. Would you like to choose trouble shooting?"

I then try to click new citation and it doesn't work after that.
I have uninstalled and reinstalled zotero, restarted my device. Started a whole new word document. I am frustrated and out of luck!

Please help!!!
  • Does it work in a new document? If not, what exactly are you trying and what exactly happens, starting from an empty document?
  • I have tried with a new document. When I start from an empty document I try and post a new bibliography and it says there is an error. Even if I put a citation first.
  • We need the exact steps — exactly what you're doing and the exact messages you're receiving.
    Even if I put a citation first.
    You can't insert a bibliography before putting in any citations, so I'm not sure what you mean by this. It would never work to insert a bibliography before inserting citations.
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