Adapt McGill to my needs (capitalize author)


I really like the McGill style but I need to make small adaptations for my university (in France).

Here is the style:

For both notes and bibliography I would need to have the last name in small caps followed by the initials of the first name.

Right now it looks like:

"Jason Hanna, Ed Payne et Steve Almasy, « 21 dead at Radison Blu hotel in Mali », CNN (21 novembre 2015), en ligne : CNN (consulté le 31 décembre 2018)."

I'd like to have:

HANNA, J., PAYNE, E., et ALMASY, S., « 21 dead at Radison Blu hotel in Mali », CNN (21 novembre 2015), en ligne : CNN (consulté le 31 décembre 2018).

Then I also need when I'm using the reference for a second or third time to have the same aspect for name and surname.

Instead of:

"Hanna, supra note 619."

I'd like to have:

"HANNA, supra note 619." or "HANNA, J., supra note 619"

I'd would really love if someone would help me amend the style in the right direction because right now I feel utterly dumb and useless, and I really need to polish this part of my thesis before posting it.

Thanks a million guys!
  • Dear Adam Smith,

    Thanks a lot for your helping hand, I'm getting closer.

    Here is the result with your proposal :

    I still need to solve four problems :

    1 - For some reason the style won't let me use small caps. I've tried replacing "uppercase" in your code with "small-caps" but it simply won't do.

    2 - For some reason Zotero won't add a period after initals. It should look like:
    "HANNA, J., PAYNE, E., etc." and with your code it looks like: "HANNA, J, PAYNE, E, etc."

    3 - I need subsequent notes in small caps as well and right now it's lowercase.

    4 - According to my supervisor I need bibliography to look exactly like notes "HANNA, J., PAYNE, E., etc.". Right now it's lowercase etc. :(

    Any idea would be much appreciated! Thanks a lot!
  • small caps are used with font-variant="small-caps" instead of text-case="uppercase"

    The periods are removed because of strip-periods="true" when contributors-note is actually used. You probably want to remove most strip-periods="true" in the style.
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