Transfer information in my research assistant's profile to my profile?

I employed a brilliant and patient someone to dig through all my pages and create a bibliography in Zotero. They did so on their computer in their profile. I have now installed Zotero on my computer and want to move the fruits of that labor into my profile. We can't see how to work the export - import, and now I'm reading that that process is glitchy and loses information anyway. Can anyone help us figure out how to take the information my assistant prepared and move it into my profile so I can continue to work with it?
  • When you say bibliography, do you mean a bibliography in a document (e.g., using Zotero's Word plugin) or just a Zotero library with all the relevant items?
  • the Zotero library. Thanks!
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    OK, that's easy, then. They should just create a group library, invite you to it, and then drag all the collections and items to that group library. You can then either continue to work on it collaboratively in the group library or you can drag its contents to your personal library, after which they'll no longer have access to it.
  • Or if you don't need to work on it collaboratively and you don't need to keep the Date Added times, they also just export the whole library to Zotero RDF and you can import into yours.
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