Downloads go to Library and aren't classified into collection

In an earlier version of the 2.0 beta (b5, I think) I could click on the icon in the browser address bar and the citation data would be downloaded into the collection that was highlighted in the collections window. Now, the downloaded items go into the My Library and I must manually move the item to the desired collection.

Is there a setting that will change Zotero back to my desired behavior?

I am using Firefox 3.5 and Zotero 2.0b6.2

  • Can you give an example of a site where this is happening? It works fine for me.
  • Cambridge University Press Journals Online is giving me the problem. Some other sites also cause the same problem. HOwever, imports work fine for me when doing an Endnote export from InformaWorld and with ScienceDirect.

    It doesn't work -- ever -- if I import from a file or from text copied to the clipboard. (The data gets into Zotero just fine -- it doesn't go into the collection but only to the main library list.)

  • OK, I believe the issue here is that Cambridge Journals Online uses a popup window for single articles, and you're saving with the Zotero pane closed. Zotero used to automatically save items to the last-used collection when the Zotero pane was closed (as it is by default in new windows). This became a bit problematic with groups, though, since blindly saving an item that might be uploaded to a group isn't necessarily a good idea, and the feature was disabled. It can probably be re-enabled—since this affects any sites that use popup windows—but maybe with the change that, if the Zotero pane hasn't yet been opened in the current Firefox session, saving reverts to the library. People would just need to be careful not to leave a group library selected, close Zotero for a while without restarting Firefox, and then save an item intended for their local library without opening the Zotero pane. Unless anyone has other ideas, we'll make that change.

    In the meantime, just open Zotero in the popup window before saving.
  • Thank you for the thorough discussion of the problem. Your suggested solution (open Zotero in the popup window) works fine. I use two monitors one of them has Zotero open all the time. I usually have no problem downloading articles from a browser window displayed on screen 1 into the Zotero window on screen 2. Shouldn't the popup data be recognized?

    I don't work with groups. Could you add a Zotero setting that could let me opt out from the very reasonable protection for those who are working in a group?

    Thanks again,

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