Migrating Zotero Archive

I have an extensive Zotero Archive on my personal MacBookPro. A much smaller and older version of this library exists on my office MacBookPro. I would like to have the smaller archive replaced by the larger one. I have exported the larger archive to a flash drive and tried to migrate it to the office laptop, but all of these efforts have been unsuccessful. Zotero on the office laptop continues to open up the old archive. What am I doing wrong or incompletely?
  • Export/import probably isn't what you want to do here.

    Do you want to save the smaller library at all? Or replace it completely with the larger one?

    If you only want to save the larger one, the best approach is to log out of your Zotero account on your laptop from the Sync pane of Zotero preferences. Then, sign in to the account associated with your larger library and let it sync down.
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