error report 767826871

I have an older iMac (Mid-2011, Intel Core i5, 16 gig RAM, MacOS 10.13.6...the latest for this hardware) and LibreOffice Just installed the 5.0.72 Zotero, fresh from the web site, and was prompted to install the appropriate word processor plug-in. This failed, both automatically and when clicking on the icon for the Zotero_OpenOffice_Integration.oxt. When I tried to do it by clicking on that icon, I got an error message: "Could not create Java implementation loader." And that's where I sit at this moment...
  • aha...I seem to have fixed it, using a tip from 2011. I started LibreOffice, went into Preferences, turned off the JRE, quit, restarted, turned on the JRE, restarted again, installed the Zotero extension by double clicking on the icon in, and restarted again!. Looks good now...fingers crossed.
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