How do I limit "Add/Edit Citation" search results to just one Collection?

When I insert references into my document using "Add/Edit Citation" via search terms, I would like only references from one Collection to appear in the search results. Currently it is showing results for ALL of the Collections in my Group's Library.

All the irrelevant search results are really slowing down how long it takes for me to find something, and we will be creating many, many more Collections within the Group's Library. Is there a setting that will allow me to change this? Or another way I should organize my Collections/Libraries that will allow me to save some time?

Please/thanks for any help. I am transitioning from EndNote and am new to Zotero.
  • You can click the red Z button on the left and choose Switch to Classic View. This view shows you the collection tree from Zotero and you can browse to the desired collection.

    Better browsing support like this will be added to the default Add/Edit Citation view in a future version.
  • Thank you so much! Very helpful!
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