Zotero Does not Detect Date of YouTube Video

The generator could search for tag content starting with "Published on " (followed by MON, DD, YYYY where MON is the 3-letter month abbreviation)--tested using zbib.org 2019-07-08. If Zotero cannot run the ECMAScript, the date field can be obtained from the quoted string, embedded in the script, rather easily by searching for '"Published on ' and ending in '"' in a raw HTML code script tag since it is delivered not obtained via AJAX (there are no newlines in the actual script, not that newlines matter--I just used a formatter for demonstration purposes): https://pastebin.com/KgLcAw3a
  • This used to work, but apparently Youtube changed something. I try to look into this. Please note that your rule will not work in non-English countries, as I for example see "Am ... veröffentlicht"
  • edited July 18, 2019
    I see. I'm not sure whether the locale affects the date format, but maybe you can strip that out regardless of the surrounding non-date language ("Published on ..." vs "Am ... veröffentlicht"). The relevant part of the pastebin link is:
    "dateText":{"simpleText":"Published on Jul 9, 2019"}
  • This is now fixed — thanks for reporting. Your Zotero Connector should auto-update within 24 hours, or you can update manually by clicking Update Translators in the Advanced pane of the Zotero Connector preferences.

    Any further problems let us know & thanks for reporting.
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