Differing citation formats in same document

I am having a world of trouble with in text citations, and I do not understand why, as everything has been input in the exact same way in Zotero.

One citation is displayed as (A. K. Abe 2010) [wrong], while another is displayed as (Ogawa 2010) [correct]. I need the citations to not reference the first name of the author at all, as usual with Chicago 17th Edition (author-date).

Then in the bibliography, I have another issue. One is listed as "Abe, Aya K. 2010" [correct] with a comma. Then the other is listed as "Ogawa Kenji 小川賢治. 2011" [incorrect]. I need a comma there. The same issue persists with other names that also have the Japanese name listed (it's required when I have it), but I cannot understand why.

I have never had either of these issues before.
  • For the first one, you are likely seeing https://www.zotero.org/support/kb/given_name_disambiguation

    For the second, are the names entered in the standard two-field (Family, Given) mode in Zotero, or is the name field in single-field mode?
  • First one is https://www.zotero.org/support/kb/given_name_disambiguation

    Second one depends on how you entered the names in Zotero -- with regular Zotero, there may well not be a great way to handle both transliterated and kanji names, but having Ogawa, Kenji 小川賢治 in Zotero almost certainly will work to give you what you need.
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    Thank you both for your help. I've double and triple checked my library and there is only one Aya K. Abe, always input the same way - so it doesn't seem to be the issue you both linked?

    UPDATE: After checking that all names were the same, and syncing did nothing, I restarted Zotero, and the Abe citation now looks normal. Thank you c:

    @bwiernik The names are entered in the 2-field "Family, Given" with the full Japanese name following the romanized given name (Kenji) in the same given name field. I am really curious as to why Zotero robs me of my comma between the family and given name in the bibliography, because with other entries that have multiple given names, there's no problem, as long as it's written in the Latin alphabet. Why would using kanji cause this issue?
  • You may have two versions of the item cited (e.g., one that is disconnected from your library). Does any item appear twice in your bibliography list?
  • For the kanji name, can you right click on the item in Zotero, choose Export, and export to Zotero RDF. Then paste the contents of the exported file to http://hastebin.com and post a link here?
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