Problem with syncing

I am having syncing Zotero from one of my Mac computers. Other Mac and window computers are syncing fine. Its only one Mac. It was working fine few days ago. I have tried everything-uninstall, reinstall on safari, chrome and Firefox. I will save PDFs from web but won't sync with online account. Very frustrating
  • I am doing all those things but still having issue with sync. As I said earlier the problem is with one Mac computer where I cannot sync my online library. I can download new files to the stand alone app on computer but I won't sync with online library.
  • The Debug ID is D495944456.
  • That's a Debug ID from the Zotero Connector. We need one from Zotero.
  • The Debug ID is D605780005.
  • That doesn't show a sync attempt. Make sure you're following the last step on the linked page precisely.
  • The Debug ID is D682073735.
  • From the linked page:
    If a specific library isn't being synced, check that it's set to sync by clicking the “Choose Libraries…” button in the Sync pane of the Zotero preferences.
    My Library appears to be disabled for you.
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