Problems saving via proxy

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    I have the exact same issue since the last couple of days. (Don't know what I changed or updated that started this)

    1. When I'm on a PDF in firefox and click the zotero button to save it, I get the 'X' mark and 'save failed, is zotero running?'

    - I have verified zotero is running
    a. here is the debug ID : D466456604, when I try to reach this URL -

    b. Here's another debug ID:D1975787873, when I try to save this URL -

    1b. When I disable proxy redirection in zotero and manually change the URL to remove the proxy, the PDF save works

    2. I have noticed the same issue with saving articles as well, when I go through the proxy, only the embedded metadata is saved (author, title etc.) and the PDF and snapshot are unable to be saved. But the save works properly when I disable the proxy

    Is there any fix to this? Thanks a lot for the help!
  • Could you produce a Debug ID from Zotero?

    1. In the Zotero Help menu, go to Debug Output Logging and select Enable.
    2. Attempt to save in Firefox and wait for the save process to finish/fail
    3. Before doing anything else, return to Zotero Help → Debug Output Logging and click Submit Output, which will disable logging and submit the output to A window should pop up containing a Debug ID. Click “Copy to Clipboard” and paste the Debug ID into this forum thread.
  • Hi @adomasven Thanks for the help.

    I did as you told and here's the debug ID from the Zotero standalone - D921703694

  • Your school's proxy server is misconfigured — it's not sending the appropriate intermediate certificate. Send them to this page:

    As explained in the bottom paragraph there, the SSL Labs test result for the proxy server shows that this is a problem.

    Zotero won't be able to download attachments via that proxy server until this is fixed.
  • Thank you! I will try that.
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