Windows to ubuntu

I want change my sistem: Windows with ubuntu and Microsoft office with open office.
Wath can I do to keep my work with zotero?
How can I keep my actual database to use in open office without errors?
  • Let me add that I use Zotero on both (K)Ubuntu and Windows and it works fine without any problems, writing on the same text files with the same references - that's one of the nice things about Zotero, it works on all platforms.
  • Thank Dan!
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    I do that.
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    very soon
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    If I have probleme write certainly...
  • How can I put my zotero collection in ubuntu?
  • I checked the link but is for Mac, Windows 2000/XP/Vista, and I wont for ubuntu...
    What can I do?
  • you could start by reading more closely ;-)
    The kb article says
    To locate your Zotero data, open the Zotero preferences under the Actions (gear icon) menu and click “Show data directory” in the Advanced tab. In most cases, you will find your Zotero files here:
    this works for all OSes including Linux.

    For what it's worth I've added the common linux location, which should look like this:
  • Read more closely. This is the first way to do it:
    Option A: Copy the Library Folder
    The most reliable way to move your entire library to another machine is to copy the Zotero data folder from your Firefox profile on the first machine to the Firefox profile on your new machine.
    Thus: Locate your Zotero folder on your Windows machine. Copy it someplace where you can find it back. Install Zotero (same version) in your Ubuntu installation. Locate the profile folder as described. Close Firefox. Copy the Zotero folder that you saved before. Start Firefox to behold your library.

    This is the second way to do it:

    Option B: Enable Zotero Sync
    Users of Zotero 2.0 Beta are able to automatically sync their library between multiple computers via the Zotero server. Note that files (attachments like PDFs, snapshots, etc) are not synced via the Zotero server. To also transfer your files, you can activate file syncing via WebDAV.
  • (Aha, Adam just posted 30 seconds before me.)
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    Befor recover my databse with zotero citation a have a old version, not 1.0.10
    How can a find in my database what is that version, and how can instal a old version for zotero because I can not edit no one citation.
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    Please keep in mind that we cannot see what it is exactly that you are doing, and which steps you are taking. Try to give as much information as possible, that makes it easier for us to help you.

    Newer versions of Zotero can usually handle older databases. Zotero is only preventing you from running an old program on a newer version of the database (you can upgrade, but you can't go backwards). Still, if you need an older version, you can look here.

    Assuming you still have your Windows installation up and running, start Firefox on your Windows machine (the one that you are trying to move to Ubuntu) and open the Zotero pane by clicking on the Zotero logo in the status bar. Then click on the gear-icon found in the left column of the Zotero pane. Select "About Zotero..." and check which version it is (uppermost line).

    Then report back here to tell us the version you use on your Windows machine, and also tell us which version of Zotero you have been trying to install on Ubuntu.
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    1. I work al my thesis with zotero and Word.
    2. I make a copy for entire folder zotero (periodicaly). Last was in 28.08.2009.
    3. Some virus destroy more file at my sistem, and my PC work very slow.
    4. I decide to change windows with ubuntu, because it was to late for recover my Windows.
    5. Actually a dont have Windows instalation. I install ubuntu 9.04 and him have Open office 3.0.
    6. After instalation zotero 1.0.10 with Open office integration plugin, and copy Windows zotero folder, an replace the same folder by ubuntu (he recognize my database and my style wich I use on Word/Windows).
    7. I try to continue work at my thesis, but in doc files can not edit citation and have next message: ”The cursor is not presently within a Zotero citation. To edit a citation, please click one, the try again” - ”OK”
  • 8. I try make ”refresh” and give me next message: ” Zotero ”scrapers” DB version is newer than SQL file”
  • I Install 1.0 Branch XPI.
    Now if . ”refresh” message: ” Zotero ”scrapers” DB version is newer than SQL file” is gone, but my citation is like a simple text, when I edit citation have same message: ”The cursor is not presently within a Zotero citation. To edit a citation, please click one, the try again” - ”OK”
  • I try instal Zotero 1.0.6 and the message: ” Zotero ”scrapers” DB version is newer than SQL file” persist.
    Where I can find Zotero 1.0.5?
  • Where I can find Zotero 1.0.5?
    You can't. Stay on the branch XPI until you upgrade to Zotero 2.0.

    Were you using fields or bookmarks mode in the Document Preferences window of the Zotero Word plugin? If you're trying to open a .doc file created in Word in OpenOffice, you need to have been using Bookmarks. If you were using fields, you can only edit the file with the Zotero Word plugin.
  • I using fields..., not Bookmarks!
  • Then I'm afraid you'll need to open the documents in Microsoft Word on the Windows machine (assuming it still has your Zotero data), switch them to bookmarks, re-save them, and then copy them back to Ubuntu. Sorry—should've clarified this above (though the Document Preferences window in the plugins also explains it).
  • What can I do with my documents? if i don't find Zotero 1.0.5?
  • I just explained above what you'll need to do with your documents. You don't need 1.0.5. Stay on the branch XPI.
  • I try to open my documents in Microsoft Word on the Windows machine, but when I want change ”fiels” with ”bookmark” give a message: ”Compile error in hidden module: Zotero”.

    First note lose the citation and the others give same message when I try edit.
  • I instal the branch XPI and the latest Windows Word plugin for Zotero 1.0.x - 1.0b3
  • Oh, actually, bookmarks mode only works in the Zotero 2.0–compatible plugins. (The 1.0 plugins haven't been touched for a long time.) So if you want to do this you'll need to upgrade to Zotero 2.0 Beta and install the 2.0–compatible plugin, and then do the same on Ubuntu.

    Be sure to back up everything (your Zotero data directory and documents) before upgrading.
  • I install on Windows machine Zotero 2.0 Beta and compatible plugins.

    When I try to acces Document Preferences give the message:
    ”An error occurred communicating with Zotero. Please ensure Firefox is open and try again”.

    I restart firefox many times.

    When I try to edit a citation give the message:

    ”In order to work with Zotero 1.5 and later, your document must be permanently upgraded, and you will no longer be able to use it with Zotero 1.0. Proceed?

    I chose:

    ”OK ”

    and give me again the message:

    An error occurred communicating with Zotero. Please ensure Firefox is open and try again.

    I update my browser again at Firefox 3.5 and the message is the same.

    What can I do?

    Or wait for the new plugins coming in a few days with 2.0b7, which will avoid this error altogether.
  • I try with that an the result is:
    In Word a cant change ”fields” with ”bookmark”, but recognize the citation ant can be edited.

    In ubunutu - Openofiice 3.0 when when I try edit citation have the message: ”The cursor is not presently within a Zotero citation. To edit a citation, please click one, the try again” - ”OK”
    and when I try to acces Document Preferences give the message:
    ”Basic Runtime Error
    An exception occurred
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