John Benjamins and chapter DOI imports.

John Benjamins is a publisher. When I use the Zotero DOI importer for a chapter, consistently the series name is added to the book title, and the series number is added to the volume number. I am sure there is a techincal reason for this... Though I can't imagine it is intended. Is this something on the Zotero side of the equation or on the Publisher's side of the equation? (this import also gets the pages wrong)...

For example: try and import this resource:
DOI:: 10.1075/llsee.27.04cat

Citation should be something like this when formatted for linguistics:

Catford, John C. 1988. Functional load and diachronic phonology. In Yishai Tobin (ed.), The Prague School and Its Legacy (Linguistic and Literary Studies in Eastern Europe 27), 3-20. Amsterdam: John Benjamins Publishing Company. doi:10.1075/llsee.27.04cat.
  • I think we should be able to fix some of this, but not all, on the Zotero end, though imo all of it in the publisher's fault (that said, I don't blame them; CrossRef metadata is really confusing for everything that's not a journal article).

    You can see what we get for the DOI here:

    So you can see that the 27 is absolutely inserted as the volume number of the book. Nothing we can do about that. Same for the missing ending page.

    The series vs. book title we might be able to figure out. I don't think what Benjamins is doing here is right -- the book title is in the section that is still about the book series -- but we may be able to figure out a way to parse this correctly.

  • Ticket for tracking here: but honestly this probably isn't the highest priority. Would absolutely take patches/PRs though.
  • Well if the publisher is publishing bad Metadata, isn't this something that should be of concern to them? I'm not familiar enough with the content management systems that publishers use to know if the metadata is controlled on a per series bases (like by editorial team) or on the basis of the publisher wide platform. If it would be any help I would be willing to reach out to the publisher.
  • Absolutely reaching out to the publisher would be helpful. Don’t mention Zotero—that’s not really relevant here and it often distracts publishers. Instead, point to the DOI data adamsmith mentioned and point out its inaccuracies.
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