Zotero can't start on Linux (KDE Neon) desktop after update; reinstall?; Zotero on laptop is OK

Since a Zotero update, Zotero can't start on my Linux (KDE Neon) desktop; Meanwhile Zotero on laptop under KDE Neon is OK.

Should I uninstall and reinstall?
Or, if you advise, I could try to start it from Zotero parts (which?) in my Downloads folder...

  • Yes, start it from the terminal to see whether you get any error message
  • Thanks, poettli,

    Well, I tried to start it by entering in the terminal
    It started fine.

    Starting from the launcher still fails.

    I right-clicked the Zotero entry in the Office section of the launcher and chose Edit.
    I found under Properties/Application/Command the string
    bash -c "$(dirname $(readlink -f %k))/zotero -url %U"
    I am not sure I am at the right spot or what to fix and how.
    Any ideas?
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