Difficulties uploading files to Zotero

I am working with a Group Library with about 191,100 article citations (and some PDF attachments). I am uploading articles in groups of 100. There are 18 members in my group library and 2 of us occasionally work on uploading or access the files at the same time. We are paying for additional storage space on Zotero for this project.

I've experienced difficulties uploading files to Zotero since the beginning of this process, but it was gotten worse overtime. When I started uploading, it took about 8 minutes to upload 100 articles. Now it takes 30 minutes to an hour. This week has been particularly troublesome, as I've had to restart Zotero during the middle of a file upload several times. I frequently get error messages and the spinning rainbow cursor. I am usually closed out of other applications while Zotero is working and I am not using my computer for anything else.

  • I think you may be at the limit of what Zotero can handle on any regular computer -- 200,000 articles + attachments, i.e. somewhere around 300k items, is not a size of library that gets tested. If you'd be able to split this into several groups, that might help
  • @mollyjogoldberg: One thing you can try is to close the tag selector in the bottom left while you work. We're working on improving the performance of that, but in the current version having that open can cause slowdowns (and, actually, it's a bit worse in the most recent version).

    Could you explain what you mean by "uploading files to Zotero"? Do you just mean saving from your browser? Importing from a RIS/BibTeX/etc. file? Or do you really mean uploading, as in syncing files to the online library?

    In general, we'd want to see a Debug ID for a single operation that's slow to debug it further.
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