Adding sources is very very very very very very slow in zotero 55.064

Zotero seems to search the library on entry of data into each field for a new reference. Why and why does this take so long? Often zotero "not responding" on each entry. I have under 500 references.
  • Can you provide a Debug ID for an operation that's slow?
  • I have a similar problem since a week or so. Each action in Zotero Standalone on Windows, freezes with a message "Not responding" in the window title bar. It takes up to a minute or two for the action to be completed (very simple ones like tab to next field). Debug ID is this: D1963937400.
  • I have solved my problem for now by disabling the Better Bibtex automatic export feature (Edit --> Preferences --> Better Bibtex --> Automatic Export: "Automatic Export" = disabled).
  • @emilianoeheyns: If this is an unavoidable problem, could you add a check that times the automatic export operation and shows an alert when BBT is causing these sorts of delays?
  • I already do time the export for logging, but can I actually show such an alert? Since exports run synchronously, I can't actually do anything while it's running, correct? Or do you mean after a long export has ran, to alert the user to set the auto-export to idle or off? That can be done. What would be a reasonable cutoff for "long" here?

    This problem should go away once async export lands, I'd be more than happy to change the export to async (I'd never thought I'd hear myself say this, but here we are).
  • In 5.1.64, if an auto-export took longer than 10 seconds, a progresswindow will pop up to alert the user of this when the export is finished (as far as I can tell, there's nothing I can do while it is running -- can I? starting a setTimeout didn't seem to fire until the export finished). The 10 seconds is configurable, and I'm open to changing the default to something else if someone can give me a more reasonable number.
  • How is asyncification of export coming along BTW?
  • In the next BBT release, after a long-running auto-export is detected, I'm turning on cache priming; when that's on, BBT looks which of the items in the auto-export that's about the start are not yet cached, exports those (and discards them) in small batches so that the running time of these priming batches is small enough to frequently yield, and when that's done, does the actual full export, which should get everything from the now filled cache. It sorta-kinda emulates async export, at the cost of having to export all non-cached items twice.

    This doesn't affect/help other exports, just BBTs own.
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