Report ID: 263816924 The tag selector disappears after entering in the filter box

Typing of "c++" in the filter box leads to complete disappearance of the tag selector view until restart.

[JavaScript Error: "SyntaxError: nothing to repeat" {file: "chrome://zotero/content/containers/tagSelector.js" line: 296}]

We can see that "c[+]{2}" regular expression in the filter box (copy-paste) is the valid filter for "c++" tag. assumes the filter is a literal string.

One could only describe that a regular expression is used if it cannot be customized.

Unfortunately, an incorrect or incomplete regular expression leads to the complete disappearance of the tag view until restart.

Thanks a lot.
  • Yeah, sorry, this was a regression in 5.0.61 that's already fixed in the latest Zotero beta — the filter string shouldn't be parsed as a regexp. The fix will be included in 5.0.65 soon.
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