Problem in advanced search tool : the order of keywords affects the results


I tried to find elements about this topic in this forum and google that could answer my question but didn't find anything helpful...
My current issue is that I'm trying to build dynamic collection with requests more or less complicated, for example : ("A" OR "B" OR "C") AND ("D").

Firtstly I thought that it was working well, but then, I realised that sometimes I had more results with ("A" OR "B") than with ("A" OR "B" OR "C") which is incoherent.

Then, I also compared ("A" OR "B") with ("B" or "A") and the results where different, which was unexpected, once again...

I'm using the condition "in any" for the OR and I search the keywords in the attachment files.

Does anyone have this issue ?


Pierre M.
  • Can you provide individual Debug IDs for search attempts that provide unexpected results? (Each Debug ID only needs to cover clicking Search and waiting for the results to show up.)
  • Hello, thank you very much for your quick answer.

    My Debug IDs is : D679447072.
    How could I see the log which has been published ?

    I searched in my Library with the option "Match any of the following" :
    - Attachment content contains : SLM
    - Attachment content contains : DMLS

    I had 17 results whereas, just before doing it, I get 54 results with the same research with only "Attachment content contains : SLM".


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