Format text within Title and Book Title?

I'm wondering if it is possible to format text in the Info tab, specifically in the Title field. I would like to be able to enter non-English words in italics, so that they would appear as italicized in footnotes or bibliographies (unless the title/book title is itself italicized, in which case the non-English text would appear as normal)?

  • As always, search the forum before posting.
    Searching, e.g. for "Italics in Titl" would have led you to this:
    which includes the current state of the discussion as well as a workaround for the status quo, which allows you some basic richt text in titles etc.
  • This is not currently possible, but it's coming. The plan is to allow users (by some means) to mark off a title within a title not as "italic", but as "title". This will play nice with other styles that might require the same text to be enclosed in single quotes. The flip-flop behavior that you describe will be part of the design.
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