Importing RIS format results in "file is not in a supported format"

Windows 10
Zotero standalone 5.0.60
Firefox 64.0.2 (64bit)

Export item to RIS format
It saves to hard drive as .ris
Import from standalone
Error msg: "file is not in a supported format"

Import worked yesterday before upgrading FF
  • Where are you exporting from?

    If you open up the .ris file in a text editor (e.g., Notepad), can you copy the first 20 or so lines and paste them here?
  • Exporting from citation tab for an item in Worldcat

    Entire record as appears in Notepad follows.
    Note that there are no line breaks in Notebook, all the following is in a single line.

    DB - /z-wcorg/
    DP -
    ID - 28076564
    LA - English
    T1 - Stereographs of New London, Tolland and Windham counties, Connecticut.
    AU - Bolton, G. M.
    AU - Calvert, Walter S.,
    AU - Ide, D. T.
    AU - Kenyon, F. P.
    AU - Douglass, W. F.,
    AU - Morgan, H. W.
    AU - Scholfield, E. A.,
    AU - Webster, E. Z.,
    AU - Bolles & Frisbie,
    AU - Prescott & White,
    Y1 - 1865///
    AB - Views of New London, Tolland and Windham counties, Connecticut: includes a hotel and its stables in Dayville; the harbor at New London, including sailboats; general view of Mansfield Center; a home at Mystic River; general and street views, the post office, boats moored, a mill and a lighthouse at New London; a farm house and the "Putnam Wolf Den" (a small cave?) at Pomfret; a woman and a horse at Putnam; croquet players at Watch Hill House and the lighthouse at Watch Hill; a flood and destroyed bridge.
    ER -
  • That's invalid RIS -- RIS must start with TY - and that's really the only reliably way for Zotero to recognize it as such.

    You can either use Zotero's own import from WOrldcat via "Save to Zotero" button, or you will need to add

    TY - BOOK

    as the first line of every entry.
  • Thanks adamsmith. The button is easier. Best, George
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