Bibliography "Retrieved" date not matching "Accessed" date

System Info: Zotero (5.0.59), Chrome, Zotero Connector (5.0.52), MS Word.

I have been using Zotero daily for well-over a year and just encountered this issue. After saving a webpage to zotero, using the zotero connector, the "Accessed" date (ex. 2019-01-09 21:11:11) does not match the "Retrieved" date (ex. January 10, 2019) generated by the MS Word [Add/Edit Bibliography] option or from within zotero [create bibliography from item]. This issue appears to be with the way the "Retrieved" date is generated.

I played with the "Access" date and time to see if there was any noticeable effect on the "Retrieved" bibliography date and time displayed. I found that if I removed the autogenerated time from the "Access" field that the "Retrieved" bibliography date was correctly shown. I was also able to determine that the date would be correctly displayed from 01:00:00 to 17:59:59 but the "Retrieved" date would skip a full-day ahead at 18:00:00 (6pm).

Obviously, not the end of the world but I thought it was strange. I would appreciate any insight from the group.
  • Thanks — fixed in the latest Zotero beta, and the fix will be included in 5.0.61. (This isn't a new issue, but it depends on the time of the entered date and your current offset from UTC.)
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