How to move page # to end of footnote

Hi all-- I've tried looking for a response to this in existing discussions but haven't found it. I'm trying to cite Spanish archival sources in a dissertation to capture the name of the document, the date, and the archive/collection/box/folder/page. The manuscript setting seems to transpose all of this information fine into the footnote (though for some reason, not if I separate the archival info into the "Archive" and "Loc. in Archive" fields- it won't include the latter). My main problems are these:

1) It only does month/year instead of month/day/year
2) it adds a parenthesis to the date
3) it puts the page number in the middle of the footnote instead of the end, and I can't figure out why-- it isn't a logical flow.

It looks like this:
“Informe del Arzobispo de Burgos” (agosto 1769), 152r, AHN, Consejos 7090, Exp. 1, N. 2.

What I want is this (at least I think I do-- if any historians out there see I'm misunderstanding the Chicago/Turabian format, please tell me!) :
"Informe del Arzobispo de Burgos,” 13 agosto 1769, AHN, Consejos 7090, Exp. 1, N. 2, 152r

I've tinkered with language settings, document/manuscript/book section fields, archive/archive location, etc. and can't seem to make this simple adjustment. Using document instead of manuscript does seem to get rid of the parenthesis, so despite reading that I shouldn't use that format, it's closer to what I want. I just need to really move that page number and have the full date!

  • That's using Chicago Full Note, or which style?
  • Yes, Chicago Full Note
  • PS, I've found that if I put the dates in English, the date issue seems to go away. (I learned from another forum here that Chicago prescribes doing dates in English anyway, even for foreign sources).
  • Well, I found a workaround for now-- I just put the folio in the suffix field, preceded by a "," .
  • I'll still look at this -- does seem like a bug. For the date -- if this works with the English date, that would suggest Zotero simply doesn't recognize the Spanish one in full (it'd say YMD at the end of the date if it did).
  • Thanks, adamsmith. I'll check back here to see what you find out.
    And thanks for the tip about the Spanish date-- I must have been doing something wrong, because other Spanish dates I entered seemed to be recognized (and transposed into English) just fine.
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