Zotero zync/sync - files missing from one computer and online storage

Hi all,

I was using Zotero on two computers, until one of them ran out of storage space, at which point I disabled the Zync from that (home) computer, while continuing to use it at work computer.

Now, 2,5 years later, I wanted to enable the synchronization on my home computer as well, as I bought an external hard drive. I updated Zotero and zynced. Before the zync I had some 2500+ files in Zotero. After Zync, both online and home computer show only the 1300 files I had before June 2016, when I stopped syncing my home computer.

I am now panicking, if I managed to destroy in the process all the files from 2,5 years, or if the work computer would still have them. In that case, how should I proceed, so that the 2500+ files will (a) not disappear from work computer's Zotero, (b) be uploaded online to Zotero and finally (c) zync correctly to my home computer.

Thank you so much for any tips! I thought I was going to protect my references with storing them in several places - now I'm fearing I might have succeeded to do quite the contrary!

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