Authors suppressed in European Journal of Religion

Hello, even though I do not have clicked the suppression box, and even though in the style editor the authors show u, when I try to insert a citation, the authors are missing.
  • Does that also happen if you switch (for testing) to a different citation style, say Chicago Manual?
  • That likely means something is wrong with how you've entered the data in Zotero. Make sure the authors are actually entered as "authors" (as opposed to "contributors") and test in a new document.
  • They are showing up as authors in my library.
  • Have you tried citing the same item in a new Word document? Could you provide an example here?
  • Thanks. The same thing happens though.
  • How does a citation look exactly? This sounds very odd.
  • Alternative Concepts of God: Essays on the Metaphysics of the Divine (Oxford University Press, 2016).
  • But that's an edited book. Why would you have authors listed for this? I'm still not quite sure I follow. Could you take a screenshot of the right-hand pane you have for that item in Zotero, post it to a free image hosting site (google drive, dropbox, imgur) and link to it here?
  • I see. I tried another work with an author and it was correct. I have to find out how to show editors. I thought I had included them.
  • Thank you for all your assistance.
  • See for how to have editors/etc. substitute in for items without authors
  • Many thanks!
  • I don't understand code. Is there a simple way to make sure editors can be included? I have a lot of them, and I want to cite chapters and authors as well.
  • I'd still be interested in the screenshot of your right-hand panel for that item. The style for the European Journal of Religion does print editors and I'm fairly convinced you just have the data input incorrectly.
  • Sorry, I can't seem to print the screen. It is, rather, the European Journal for the Philosophy of Religion. My error.
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