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I have a problem with Zotero. I have used it for a while now but all of a sudden the citations aren't written correctly anymore. It seems like only shortages of citations are added and not all the information of the citation is there. for example this appears in a citation: (Cremers, 2016)
Normally much more should have been added in this citation.

Can someone help me with this problem?

I have sent and error report and this is the number: 1585447495

Thank you
  • That's a function of the citation style. (Cremers, 2016) is a perfectly correct citation e.g. in APA style. Which style do you want to be using? How do you think the citation should look?
  • I am using OSCOLA and it does the same thing in this referencing style which is not correct. It should be like this e.g. Catherine Barnard, The Substantive Law Of The EU (5th edn, Oxford University Press 2016) 290-291.
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    The OSCOLA style is not programmed to use parenthetical citations, and I can’t reproduce that. As you can see here, it produces footnotes like you describe: http://editor.citationstyles.org/searchByName/

    You should double check that you are actually using OSCOLA style. How are you adding the citation to your document?
  • Yeah, you're not using OSCOLA. How/where are you selecting your citation style? In a Word doc, this is set und "Document Preferences" in the Zotero Word toolbar.
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