Citation # skipped in text but full citation duplicated in the bibliography

I have added sources throughout the body of the paper and a number is skipped. in this particular instance it is a superscript '2-4' but then the next source, which should be 5, is 6 instead. When I generate the bibliography at the end it included a duplicate of #4 as #5.

I have tried adding a new citation earlier and then I get 2-5 and 6 is skipped.

I deleted the bibliography and reinserted it.
I deleted the 2-4 citations and re-added them and then refreshed the bibliography.
The problem remains.

What else can I do? (besides manually change all the citations)
  • Assuming this is in Word, show field codes in the document (alt+F9 or alt+FN+F9 on Mac) and you'll likely find a stray field, without associated text, between citation 4 and 6 - delete it and refresh and this should be fixed.
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