CSL: Long dashes for repeated bibliography entries

In bibliographies formatted with Chicago, when an author is repeated, Zotero is printing three hyphens. I don't know exactly what Chicago recommends, but I'm sure it's some number of em dashes. EndNote's Chicago style uses three.

Could we get em dashes instead of hyphens?
  • You're right; it should be em-dashes, but I can't change it as it's not in my repository.
  • OK, switched to em-dashes on the dev branch. Not pushing the CSLs to the repo, since the RTF generator in the current release adds an extra space after Unicode characters to avoid a problem in older RTF readers like Windows WordPad, and this results in an extra space between the dashes in modern RTF apps (like OS X TextEdit). I've switched it to what I believe is a better method, and the fix will be in the next beta along with the updated CSLs.
  • This problem is back with at least some of the Chicago styles.
  • Has this ever been finally resolved? I'm still getting three hyphens (---) instead of three em dashes (———) when I generate a bibliography using CMOS in Word 2007.
  • Here is how to do it in the current version of CSL:
    <bibliography subsequent-author-substitute="&amp;#8212;&amp;#8212;&amp;#8212;">
  • MLA likes this long-dash style too in bibliographies. Thanks for pasting the code it requires rene.hamburger!
    I went and modified my own CSL style following https://www.zotero.org/support/dev/citation_styles/style_editing_step-by-step but could this change from hyphens to em-dashes be made standard for Modern Language Association 8th Edition style in the repository, others?
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