Integration with Google Reader/RSS feeds?

I've given this a little thought, and don't see an obvious way it could be done, but I thought I'd throw it out to the general audience: is there any way that Zotero can follow links from RSS feeds (e.g. in Google Reader)?

My process for following the literature these days is as follows:
1) I've set up a bunch of RSS feeds for journal tables of content.
2) I've set up a bunch of RSS feeds from pubmed for topic areas that interest me.
3) When I find myself with free time, I check those feeds in Google Reader, read the abstracts, and download the articles that are particularly interesting into zotero.

Unfortunately, step 3 often requires following several embedded links, which is sort of obnoxious. In my ideal fantasy-land, I could import items into zotero directly from the Google Reader page. Any ideas how this could work?

Thanks again for a great product!
  • Your inquiry applies to other RSS readers and webmail as well.

    The site scraper needs predictable formatting & there are many different formats for RSS and email journal alerts (and different feed readers/webmail render pages differently, making it even harder to parse).

    It sounds like a standard, such as COinS, would enhance feeds and mails to Zotero users and nonusers. So, you might ask your information providers to put COinS in their feeds.
  • A work around I've been using is to install the firefox extension - better g reader (, this enables you to view the rss linked web page within the google reader viewer, from here zotero can scrape the relevant information as if you were viewing the page in a dedicated browser tab.

    This works for me for most of my rss feeds and scopus alerts, the exception being advance (HTML only) articles form RSC journals which zotero doesn't seem to detect anyway (from either within or outside of google reader).
  • @sphokc, a compelling idea, ... but i no longer use firefox, rather chrome, and the putative equivalent,, which similarly provides for viewing the target of the RSS item in-line, does NOT serve to activate zontero's juju.

    Woe is me.

    Any ideas out there?
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