Not able to attach files

I am new to zotero. somehow i am not able to attach files (pdf and excel) into my library for my new item. Either it keeps loading or after sometime when i refresh the page it shows the file name but its greyed out and there is no hyperlink to open the file.

My purpose is to add create new items and add the files from 1 pc and access the same item and files on another pc. Thanks in advance for your reply.
  • What specific URL are you trying to import from? If you manually click to open the pdf or excel file, does it download for you?
  • It sounds like you're trying this on the web. While that should work, I'd strongly recommend installing Zotero from and working with the full application, which provides smoother and more functionality.
  • Yes I am working on the web. I cannot download the full application on my first pc (due to internal firewall set up which restricts any downloads) so it has to be web. And I am just importing from first pc desktop
  • If you can't install Zotero on either, I'm honestly wondering if using Zotero is the right choice for you -- they're easier tools to work with if you have to be online only.

    I'd also not be surprised if the issues that are preventing file upload are similarily firewall related.

    But if you're insistent in making this work (and it does work for me) -- are these items in your personal library or in a group? And could you upload a screenshot of what this looks like after uploading to a free image hosting site (dropbox,, etc.) and link to it here?
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