footnotes and numbers

I have the footnotes working just fine on my laptop wth Arabic numerals, but when I save the document and attach it as an email to my publisher, all the numbers change to Roman. Please help?
  • I don't have "references" at the top of the page, but I get to something very similar through "insert." I've already changed the numbers to Arabic, but somehow if changes back when I email it as an attachment. Do I need to contact the Word people? I hoped someone here would know.
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    Are you are using a very old version of Word? If so, the issue is likely an incompatibility between your old version of Word and your publisher’s system. I would recommend you just indicate to your publisher that the numbers should be Arabic and let them handle it.

    (In any event, you are correct this has nothing to do with Zotero and would be an issue you would need to resolve with Word.)
  • Just in case this ever comes up again - I've been working in Cambria (because I like it better) and when I saved in Times New Roman, it worked just fine!
    Thanks for your help
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