lost collection?

I opened Zotero on my Mac and click for new collection - was supposed to be a sub-collection - but should the existing collection just disappear? I can find the collection in Zotero on Firefox but not in the Zotero app! This is a large collection for my PhD thesis - and I really need it where it was before
  • Sorry, missed this.

    If you haven't figured this out, I'm guessing that you just closed the left-hand collections pane in Zotero. Click along the left edge to show it again.
  • Unfortunately, I have not solved this. When I click the collections button, there are no other choice than 'new collection'. None of my collections, as viewed in the Firefox online Zotero are visible in the Zotero app
  • Again, you almost certainly just closed the left-hand pane. Click along the left edge of the window, not in the toolbar.
  • YESS!! Thanks :-)
  • That is, I used to have the information nicely listed in columns, like year, creator, place in archive and more. Some of these do not appear, so how do I add them?
  • You can access the column picker from the top-right corner of the items list.

  • There it is! Once again, thank you so much for your support - I am actually a bit embarrassed that I did not see the last bit here .... but now my zotero looks just like before, and it is a very useful tool when writing large thesis
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