doi not only for journal articles

edited November 12, 2018
the publication types defined in zotero allow for the input of doi only for journals articles.
but more and more dois are available as the name implies for a variety of digital objects: books, reports, etc.

but very few publication types allow for the input of doi. which is very useful when you want to come back to the web place where the publication resides (more useful than the web snapshot, because the doi is an identifier of the object, not a link to its position when found).

hence my question/request:can we have the filed "doi" in a wider spectrum of publication types?
thank you
  • planned for Zotero 5.1, most likely for all item types (but 100% for books, reports, chapters, etc.).

    Until then, you can enter DOIs ad DOI: 10.1234/5678 in the Extra field and they will be migrated once a proper DOI field exists.
  • wow, thanks!
    to have it recognised is it mandatory top prefix the string with doi: ?
  • edited November 12, 2018
    You should enter them in the exact format adamsmith says above. In the Extra field, the format for additional fields is "Field: value". This is unrelated to the "doi:10.1234…" format that you sometimes see for DOIs in other contexts.
  • ok. with a blank between DOI: and the actual value
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