zotero.org's About is imported, but News is not?

I am confused as to why


imports into Zotero but


doesn't. They have identical COinS except for Author,Title, Date, and URL?

How did you decide to use rft.type=blogPost? All I can find for possible values are "Recommended best practice is to select a value from a controlled vocabulary (for example, the list of Internet Media Types defining computer media formats)."

Where can I find a list of which rft.types map to which Zotero internal types? (rft.type=blogPost maps to Zotero's internal "Blog Post" format, for instance.) I need to finish adding COinS tags to Wikipedia's citation templates, which I think I need to use Dublin Core for. (The second link above says we have them for all citation templates, but that's not true yet!)
  • This appears to be due to the & in the title.
  • Sorry about that. We were running an outdated version of the WordPress COinS plugin. The page should import now without any problem.
  • edited April 23, 2007

    Seems like having one bad tag on the page prevents Zotero from seeing other good ones, though:


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