Change formatting of bibliography

I would like to change the font size and spacing between references in my bibliography (I'm using OpenOffice). Can this be acheived?
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    I think you can achieve the first by changing the OpenOffice style of the bibliography. For the second, it's possible to set the spacing with an option in the bibliography section of the CSL style, "entry-spacing" (it specifies the number of lines between entries). For an example, check out
  • Thanks but where do I find the CSL file in order to edit it?
  • I don't recommend changing the CSL style to fix this. Figure out how to fix it in OOo (using the style).
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    Thanks. I didn't realise that it worked that way. I thought click 'refresh' would change the formatting back to how it was originally (body text style).

    Edit: It seems I will need to employ both methods, since Zotero has put an empty line between each reference (bad practise since this is better controlled by changing paragraph spacing).
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