Zotero not saving PDFs

Hi all. I used to be able to use Zotero and its Chrome extension to perfect effect - I'd go onto IEEE Xplore, use the "Save to Zotero" button from the article page (not the html PDF), and be able to save citation information AND, most crucially, the PDF.

I've since obtained a new work computer, and installed Zotero and its Chrome extension - however, for any given IEEE paper, I cannot save the PDF with the button. Zotero will show the little box with each item being downloaded, but without fail the PDF will get a red X next to it. I can access the PDF as one normally would, by clicking on the site's download link, and I can manually put that PDF in the proper location within Zotero. Still, I'd like my old automated process to work once more.

Perhaps it has something to do with proxies, etc. Here is an example of a link where I experience this problem: https://ieeexplore-ieee-org.ezproxy.library.wisc.edu/document/7049058/
(My institution is the University of Wisconsin-Madison, as you might detect in the link.)

Thanks in advance for any help.
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