Can I disable Zotero updates?

How can I disable ALL Zotero updates. The only information I could find on the Zotero site is at this link:

That link discribes how you can disable automatic updates for translators and styles by using the Zotero Preferences, but it doesn't say how to disable automatic updates of the Zotero application. I have also seen the term "security update" used, although I'm not sure what that refers to.

So, is there a way for me to tell Zotero that I do not want ANY updates for anything without being notified and giving permission beforehand?
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    set the hidden preference to false

    (and just to restate, running an outdated version is a terrible idea and means, among other things, that you won't get any support for any problems you have with Zotero here)
  • Hi adamsmith,

    Thanks for the information.

    By the way, you were all correct to say that installing old versions of Zotero or a virgin 5.0.45 version wouldn't get rid of the two-profiles problem. I tried both of those things as well as a TimeMachine backup of every file in my Zotero data directory, and other miscellaneous Zotero-related files. None of those things worked. Whenever I started up Zotero, I continued to be asked which profile I wanted to use.

    But I finally discovered that Zotero stores its profile information in the "Zotero" folder in the Library/Application Support folder. I deleted that folder (including its profiles.ini file), reinstalled a fresh version of 5.0.45, and everything appears to be back to normal. A new "profiles.ini" file was created that only has the one default profile in it and now I can make a fresh start and create profiles the right way.
  • As you’ve noted, your issue had nothing to do with the version of Zotero you were running, and it is a very bad and dangerous idea to run outdated versions of Web-connected apps (including Zotero).
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