Sinc problems

Hello, everyone,

I have been having some problems with the syncronization.

In order to remove files that I didn't need from the online storage I removed all the info that I had on the cloud and then syncronice it with the files that I had on my computer. Then, all the info that I needed was online and on my computer at work.

Today at home, in order to get all the files that I load yesterday in the cloud, I deleted all the info that I had on my home computer and then sync the library, expecting that all the info in the cloud would be transfer to my home PC. Instead, all the data that was on the cloud was deleted. I looks like the sync was from my PC to the cloud and not the opposite.

I don't know how to sync all the info that I have on my PC at work then.

Thank you all in advance for your help.


  • When you sync, Zotero applies the changes you've made on each side to the other side. So if you delete items on one side and sync, those deletions are applied elsewhere. (If you think about it, there's no other way it could work. Otherwise you would never be able to delete items and have those deletions sync.)

    If there's a particular version of your local library that you want to use (such as on your work computer), you can use Restore to Online Library to apply that to the other locations. But that's generally only for restoring from a backup and not something you'd want to use normally. Instead, just make changes knowing that you're applying those to all locations.
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