Feature request: nesting references

I miss the ability to nest several references under one parent reference!
This would be very useful if, for example, you have references to multiple artworks that are part of a portfolio or collection, and you want to add individual metadata for each artwork, but keep them together in the library (not cluttering the list with hundreds of works)… Similarly, if you have several article references that come from the same publication, it would be nice to keep those grouped in the library as well, in a “journal” not just as individual “journal articles”; adding individual metadata such as title, author, page, etc. to each article, while keeping them grouped together. Creating a collection for them is not the same, as it wouldn’t show up in the library list as one item.
I know this isn’t how Zotero works, but it makes sense to have this feature, and it would make everything much more orderly :)
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